05 août 2013

Mission WR 134 135 137 à l'IAC80

Et oui, j'ai la chance d'être une nouvelle fois à l'observatoire du Teide pour 15J. A l'aide de mon spectro eshel et du 80 cm nous allons sonder les vents stellaire des wolf rayet. Un blog créé par Pierre Dubreuil, richement illustré est là pour vous faire partager nôtre aventure scientifique. http://pdl-astronomie.fr/?p=664#more-664  
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26 juin 2013

WR134, WR135, WR137 Observations

Eshel Observation, DeniSe instrument 0,355m f5 schmidt cassegrain reflector, spectrograph eshel R=11000, disp 0,1A/pix, wavelenght domain from order 54 to 28 is 4130A-8150A. Zip archive of non normalized échelle orders in  Fit format (standart preprocessing-Offet-Dark-Flat-), calibration on a thorium argon lamp, instrumental response corrected with Vega or Altair or alpha Leo. No heliocentric and no telluric corrections. Observatory coordinates Lat 43 37 30 Long E03 48 12 elevation 70m ... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2013

Delta orionis observations

    Catalog of delta Orionis spectra Campaign MOST/CHANDRA Dec 17-Jan 7 échelle spectra covering 4205A to 8150A in 26 orders, at R=10000, dispersion 0.1A/pix. Eshel fiber feed spectroscope from Sheliak Instrument in a temperature/hygrometry environment controlled (8°c 50%hyg). Calibration with a built in thorium argon lamp, Flat on a 2700K built in tungsten lamp, Instrumental response on Bet Eri. Standart processing applied. No Heliocentric correction or telluric lines removal. All time are in UT. Telescope is an... [Lire la suite]
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18 décembre 2012

Campagne Delta orionis

A partir du 17 Décembre et jsuqu'au 7 Janvier, l'étoile brillante deta orionis, un système multiple, sera l'objet d'observation en photométrie continue du satellite Most et de Chandra dans le domaine X. Un appel à observation a été lancé par Tony Moffat, Univertsité de Montreal afin de compléter au sol l'étude complète de ce système multiple. Document de la campagne: mintaka Voir aussi le site de Laurent Corp (FR) ou Jeff hopkins (US) 1er Décembre, première observation de delta Orionis. Il ne semble pas... [Lire la suite]
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11 octobre 2012

WR134, 135, 137 IAC80 Teide Campaign

"A brief status update: We now have 19 amateur and 1 professional campaign members who would go to Teide (20 overall from Germany, France, Poland, Danmark, Australia, Spain, Portugal). Because we have two teams of four members and one team of three we still need more observers. Presently we can establish only 7 teams at best. " Thomas Everberg       I formed a small group of 3 and half observers for two weeks at IAC80. Participants are Pierre Dubreuil, Alain Lopez and Benjamin Mauclaire (only for a week). Two... [Lire la suite]
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02 janvier 2012

WR 134, HeII 5411

Following the HeII4686 and the HeI5876 here is the study of the HeII5411 line of the wolf rayet star WR134. I present a time serie of three spectra taken during a total exposure of 2H40, with 2X1h spectra and 1X40minutes for the last one. small active absorption features are readily visible at the top of the line and transient emission line appears at Vr 2200km/s.  SNR of a 3600s exposure is around 110 at 5471A, Resolving power is 12000, dispersion 0.1A. All spectra are corrected from instrumental response on... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2011

WR 134, HeI 5876

Following the study of HeII4686, here is the HeI 5876 extracted from an order of an eshell spectrum of 9600s exposure and sampled to 3600s and 7200s for comparison. SNR is better than in the blue region, normal with the better sensitivity of the ccd, SNR50 around 5972A. Straight absorption are Na-D interstellar absorption, with a bump inside. "The bumps in the core of the NaI D-lines is due to two present components. One forms in our spiral arm, the other one forms in the next spiral arm. Typically this is a sign of a... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2011

WR 134, HeII4686

Here is a study of the HeII4686 profile variation depending of the exposure time of WR134, a wolf rayet star subject of a 2013 pro am campaign from the Convento group The SNR requirement on 1hour exposure for this campaign is about 200. The resolution must be better than 1A, R5000 at HeII4686. Here is an individual order of an echelle spectra taken during the night of Dec, 12th. The sky conditions were excellent and the object was at 80° high at the beginning of exposures. 2H40 exposure were taken, under good seing and transparency.... [Lire la suite]
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