18 novembre 2013

echelle spectra of the filly dot bulb, neon candle bulb, stroboscope xenon light, plasma ball, LhiresIII and Lisa internal neon

UPDATE: Lisa and LhiresIII calibration lamp     High SNR and high resolution spectra of a filly lamp, dot model, with lines of argon, xenon and neon inside. It is very usefull to calibrate low and high res spectra specially in the blue domain. I was needing it for my own low resolution spectra work. Also a spectra of a flame bulb, candle like, not a lot of lines, only neon.(20111211_200329_flamme_60x60s_TGarrel) Calibatrion is made on thorium argon lines, eshell spectroscope, rms cal is better than 0.01A, Resolution... [Lire la suite]
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