02 janvier 2012

WR 134, HeII 5411

Following the HeII4686 and the HeI5876 here is the study of the HeII5411 line of the wolf rayet star WR134. I present a time serie of three spectra taken during a total exposure of 2H40, with 2X1h spectra and 1X40minutes for the last one. small active absorption features are readily visible at the top of the line and transient emission line appears at Vr 2200km/s.  SNR of a 3600s exposure is around 110 at 5471A, Resolving power is 12000, dispersion 0.1A. All spectra are corrected from instrumental response on... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2011

WR 134, HeI 5876

Following the study of HeII4686, here is the HeI 5876 extracted from an order of an eshell spectrum of 9600s exposure and sampled to 3600s and 7200s for comparison. SNR is better than in the blue region, normal with the better sensitivity of the ccd, SNR50 around 5972A. Straight absorption are Na-D interstellar absorption, with a bump inside. "The bumps in the core of the NaI D-lines is due to two present components. One forms in our spiral arm, the other one forms in the next spiral arm. Typically this is a sign of a... [Lire la suite]
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