12 mai 2014

AZ cas observations

  eshel observations, DeniSe instrument 0,355m f5 schmidt cassegrain reflector, spectrograph eshel R=11000, disp 0,1A/pix, wavelenght domain 4450A-8150A. Zip archive of 23 non normalized échelle orders in Bess Fit format (standart preprocessing, calibration on a spectra of thorium argon lamp, instrumental response corrected on Vega or Altair or alpha Leo. No heliocentric and no telluric corrections. date MJD 2400000+ 1  20120710_222814_AZcas_6x1200s_TGarrel   MJD 56119.4363 2... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2012

First echelle spectra of AZ Cas

Here is an echelle spectra showing h alpha red wing in emission. Order 49 to 28, 4550A to 8000A seems to be good for exploitation. Threre is not enough signal in the blue to achieve a good snr so i didn't extract blue orders. It is the first echelle spectra for the AZ Cas 2012-2014 campaign Merged version (quick look): 20120710_222814_AZcas_6x1200s_FULL_TGarrel Zip archive with individuals orders (best) 20120710_222814_AZcas_6x1200s_TGarrel    
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