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thierry Garrel
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Pays : France


Quelques mots sur moi

My interest in astronomy began with an observation of the Moon with my grandfather's binoculars when I was 10. I was very surprised to see craters, valleys, mountains on this white seemly flat body. A long course to discover the universe began, with a lot of differents telescopes, observing with my keen eyes and various CCD. I realized soon that nothing can be done in astronomy alone. Searching for companions was difficult in these early times as there were not web or cellular phone or even micro-computer and scientific society didn't accept easily a very enthusiastic young man.. Now I'm not so young but still enthusiastic to participate in differents Pro Am programs.
For the next year I would like to complete my observatory instrumentation with some photometric abilities which fits very well and complementary with spectroscopics observations.
I use a CN212 Takshashi, 212 mm, 12,4/3,9 Cassegrain/Newtonian telescope with a Lhires III 2400 l/mm, and Star Analyser100 with a Atik 314L+, cooled camera based on sony285 CCD

Mes centres d'intérêt

L'astronomie comme passion, la spectrographie comme moyen de comprendre le monde qui nous entoure. La dernière frontière pour l'amateur. Tout ceci est à notre portée, à la portée du plus grand nombre. Pourquoi hésiter ?