01 novembre 2012

FS cma star, a pro am campaign

ARAS group has a pro am campaign concerning the B[e] FS cma star.  They are not classical Be, bracket means forbidden emission lines in their spectra. Well this group is not very known and homogeneous as it concerns protostellar stars to proto planetary nebular star. From the birth to the Death.  In this campaign we'll try to distinct some objects belonging to the FS cma star group. Prototype is FS cma, a hot blue star, showing a strong infrared excess. The question remaining is are these stars binaries... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2012

Possible end of outbust of HD175511

Edit : Star still in outburst in lastest spectra http://arasbeam.free.fr/spip.php?page=beam_spectra&etoile=1008   Be star, HD175511 (18 52 02.21 +59 40 01.33 6.9) has been seen in outburst since 2001. http://arasbeam.free.fr/spip.php?page=beam_spectra&etoile=1008   My last spectra from yesterday show h alpha line in absorption with a  fill in of the core, and pure absorption in h beta and h gamma lines Possible end of outburst to be confirmed by another observation.   Possible fin... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2012

Spectro Chats

Juste un lien, ou un Truc bien utilisé.   http://telescope-rural.org/
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11 octobre 2012

WR134, 135, 137 IAC80 Teide Campaign

"A brief status update: We now have 19 amateur and 1 professional campaign members who would go to Teide (20 overall from Germany, France, Poland, Danmark, Australia, Spain, Portugal). Because we have two teams of four members and one team of three we still need more observers. Presently we can establish only 7 teams at best. " Thomas Everberg       I formed a small group of 3 and half observers for two weeks at IAC80. Participants are Pierre Dubreuil, Alain Lopez and Benjamin Mauclaire (only for a week). Two... [Lire la suite]
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22 septembre 2012

HD57682, final publication in MNRAS

This was a short term campaign, about three months during spring 2011, but a lot of discovers. links to the ARAS amateur survey (by Benjamin Mauclaire) Behavior of the h alpha line of this very rare Oe magnetic star needs a lot of physics to be explained. The final publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomy Society is a long and heavy paper on the state of art of MHD applied to circumstellar environment. Well not really a light digest for sleeping time. Thank to J. H. Grunhut and all for allowing us to be... [Lire la suite]
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22 septembre 2012

VV Ser, Herbig Be

Une herbig Be tirée du catalogue Bess, une nouveauté cet été avec le rajout de 62 proto étoiles HBe. Celle ci est de magnitude V 11.8, la plus faible du catalogues Bess. Malheureusent les nuages ont interrompu la pose. Comme souvent. Voir le sujet connexe sur le forum ARAS http://www.spectro-aras.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=428 Comparaison with a spectra R=1000 taken by Olivier Garde in August 13th with a LISA, the profile is not described in low resolution.   New spectra, longer exposure.  ... [Lire la suite]
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09 septembre 2012

instrumentation DeniSe, observatoire de Fontcaude

Une courte vidéo de mon instrumentation, appellée DeniSe,  à base d'un spectographe échelle, eshell de Sheliak, et d'un télescope schmidt casssegrain f5 0.355m. In french. Détection d'Etoiles Nombreuses Irrégulières Spectroscopique Extraordinaires   Pour le voir en action http://gabalou.canalblog.com/archives/2012/01/02/23144475.html
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05 septembre 2012

WETLR Spectro 2012

Avec la volonté de former de plus en plus d'amateurs locaux à la spectroscopie, la société astronomique de Montpellier organise un week end d'initiation à l'observatoire Malibert du club de Béziers http://www.lamachinepneumatique.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=2 Autour d'instruments et de spectrographes à la portée des amateurs, star analyzer, LhiresIII et Lisa, nous discuterons de fondamentaux, de techniques instrumentales, de réduction et interprétation des données. Enfin l'accent sera... [Lire la suite]
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09 août 2012

V425 cyg is in outburst

V425 Cyg, mV10.6 is in outburst. This star has a strange spectral classification. It is known as a Be star, B2 npe, but could be of another nature maybe a rare A type supergiant. Here is what is saying Anatoly Miroshnichenko: "There is another unstudied object called V425 Cyg. It is listed inBeSS, but no spectra have been obtained for it. In the literature itwas classified as an A2-supergiants and a B2-dwarf. It is a 10-10.2visual magnitude star. An echelle spectrum of it may either addinformation to BeSS or verify its... [Lire la suite]
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14 juillet 2012

What is a L200 spectrograph ?

The L200 is a littrow design slit spectrograph develloped by Ken Harrison for amateur who wants build one by themself. It's a good start and more for serious spectroscopy. Different grates, adjustable slit, let's John Strachan (say a sccotish "Strarren") present his own.  
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