12 mai 2014

AZ cas observations

  eshel observations, DeniSe instrument 0,355m f5 schmidt cassegrain reflector, spectrograph eshel R=11000, disp 0,1A/pix, wavelenght domain 4450A-8150A. Zip archive of 23 non normalized échelle orders in Bess Fit format (standart preprocessing, calibration on a spectra of thorium argon lamp, instrumental response corrected on Vega or Altair or alpha Leo. No heliocentric and no telluric corrections. date MJD 2400000+ 1  20120710_222814_AZcas_6x1200s_TGarrel   MJD 56119.4363 2... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2012

First echelle spectra of AZ Cas

Here is an echelle spectra showing h alpha red wing in emission. Order 49 to 28, 4550A to 8000A seems to be good for exploitation. Threre is not enough signal in the blue to achieve a good snr so i didn't extract blue orders. It is the first echelle spectra for the AZ Cas 2012-2014 campaign Merged version (quick look): 20120710_222814_AZcas_6x1200s_FULL_TGarrel Zip archive with individuals orders (best) 20120710_222814_AZcas_6x1200s_TGarrel    
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10 juillet 2012

AZ Cas eclipse and periastron passage of 2012-2014, a new campaign

  Spectroscopic observations are required for AZ cas (mV 9.3) http://www.konkoly.hu/cgi-bin/IBVS?6027 http://www.astri.uni.torun.pl/~cgalan/AZCas/  i'm still trying to catch a spectra, first one i've took was from a brighter B7II star around....  Here are  comments from Cezary Galan  "Please do not be discouraged (such mistakes do happen and important only "to catch" them early) and try again to obtain spectrum of AZ Cas. It could be difficult, because AZ Cas is about 3 mag fainter than HR 488, however at... [Lire la suite]
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