This was a short term campaign, about three months during spring 2011, but a lot of discovers.

links to the ARAS amateur survey (by Benjamin Mauclaire)

Behavior of the h alpha line of this very rare Oe magnetic star needs a lot of physics to be explained. The final publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomy Society is a long and heavy paper on the state of art of MHD applied to circumstellar environment. Well not really a light digest for sleeping time.

Thank to J. H. Grunhut and all for allowing us to be part of this extreme study.

I'm the first spectra contributor with my Lhires setup, Takahashi CN212+LhiresIII 2400gr+ Atik 314L, taking spectra almost every two days during three months. Each spectra was done with an exposure time of minimum 1H30mm. While this was not the only pro am campaign i was doing, eps aur, Be program and others minor pro am programs have to be done in the same time. Few months later, i initiated the FF cam campaign, taking spectra every day with two others observers. And finally RR Lyrae maxima campaign is a kind of record cause we took spectra every 300s during maxima phase. Amateur spectroscopy have now the possibility to combine intermediate resolution (R~10000 to 15000) with high time resolution, hundreds of seconds, on mag 8 target. So what next ?

"Investigating the spectroscopic, magnetic and circumstellar variability of the O9 subgiant star HD 57682"