V425 Cyg, mV10.6 is in outburst. This star has a strange spectral classification. It is known as a Be star, B2 npe, but could be of another nature maybe a rare A type supergiant.

Here is what is saying Anatoly Miroshnichenko:

"There is another unstudied object called V425 Cyg. It is listed in
BeSS, but no spectra have been obtained for it. In the literature it
was classified as an A2-supergiants and a B2-dwarf. It is a 10-10.2
visual magnitude star. An echelle spectrum of it may either add
information to BeSS or verify its classification as an A-supergiant."

First two spectra i took were in late December 2011 , and early January 2012 showing a h alpha line in absorption. It cames in outburst this year, last spectra from yesterday night showed it in a large double peak emission.

A.M: "The H-alpha line profile will show the type of this object right away.
If it is a narrow absorption or a P Cyg type emission profile, then it
is an A-supergiant. If it is a double-peaked or a single-peaked with
no blue-shifted absorption, then it is a Be star. The near-infrared
colors suggest the presence of an excess radiation (which is more
appropriate for a Be star), but they were obtained at a different time
than the optical photometry. Since the star is known to be variable,
it is hard to judge on its nature just from the photometry. So,
H-alpha would be the first thing to try"

So last spectra should definetly conclude that it is a classical Be star.

Blue line for 20120103, green line for 20120808

screenshot (2)