For nine nights i have been there in good compagny.

This mission was about the peri-astron of delta scopii and was a real success.

We have got in nine nights 30 Halpha spectra, 30 HeII 4500, 4686 and one H gamma. All taken with a LhiresIII 2400gr/mm and ST10XME camera. Exhausting sometimes... 

Two articles in english are ingoing. One for Sky and telescope, relating this fantastic adventure, and one on a referee journal concerning the scientific facts. One other in a french journal

The blog of the mission

I want to thanks all the peoples who suppport us, technicals, ingeniors, operators and director of the observatory. Specials thanks to Johan Knappen, from IAC, who gave us ten night and José Ribeiro who has perfectly planned the mission.

Members were :

Primary Investigator, Anatoly Miroshnichenko

The boss, José Ribeiro

The pilot and photograph Alberto Fernando

The liberty statue, me


The story is not finished...