In 2010, November the red wing of the HII shell around the supergiant F star has reappeared, uncovered by the secondary object. This return make the inside bottom Ha bump disappeared and some unexpected bumps appeared in the sodium doublet in December, January and February. The photometric data shows a decrease of the luminosity in January and February 2011, as the red wing get stronger and stronger. Now Eps Aur is at the lesser magnitude ever observed during this eclipse. That was unexpected.


Have look to the newsletter #21 of the campaign, by J.Hopkins


A possible veiling effect observed in my data series on the red part of the continuum ? At the same moment the continuum on the red part of Ha get noisy. Much more noisy than before during early egress phase.  A veil effect by an unexpected extended dust shell could explain the behavior of the photometric data as well the behavior of the Na doublet. A possible flow of matter may be in line of sight. Another eps Aur surprise ?


Animation from 2010, Nov to 2011, mid Feb espaur2010Nov_2011Feb_anim












Animation of my overall 2009-2011 observation. eps Aur is alive !


Equivalent width curve, 6550-6570 A, nearly symmetric, with a out of eclipse noticeable period of 96d


Download all my 2009-2011 spectra of eps aur originaux_epsaur_T