Hi everybody,

it was a long time i did not any blog on my observations. I was very busy with weirds spectral things during August on eps  aur and compete a spectral run on Be star with more than forty stars observations. Some publications are awaited on theses events.

Now autumn weather is back, rayny and windy for weeks so i have time to talk about the latest observations. Here are the last news of eps , 2010 September, early October. I will talk further about strange things arriving during august at OHP spectroscopy star party.

We passed mid eclipse during early august. Now the second part of the eclipse began.

The spectral Ha profile change a lot and fast just before mid eclipse, in June and after, August. See animation of the entire Ha spectrum from 2009, Sept 25th to 2010, Oct 8th.














A transient emission line appeared from the end of September, blue shifted about 6603.7A,  and get stronger in early October with redshifted at  6604A. 0.3A means a mere Rv of 13.6 Km/s, withou earth velocity correction, about 15 millons Km from Sept,26 to Oct 8th!






A Ew courbe calculated on the 6550 6570 domain and 49 spectras show a strong period of variation of 104.13d ! Certainly a primary star effect.ew_courbe__1_